Aunt drove around for months carrying dead bodies of nephew, niece in car trunk [VIDEO]

Mother had trusted her sister with the care of her two children back in 2019.


Washington: Police arrested a young American motorist named Nicole Johnson, with the dead bodies of her young niece and nephew stuffed into the trunk of her car. The gruesome discovery was made after she was stopped during a routine traffic check.

Johnson had first stashed her niece’s body into a suitcase and hidden it in the trunk May  last year, according to The Baltimore Sun. She continued to use the car normally until a year later, and she placed the boy’s body, wrapped up in a plastic bag, next to his sister’s rotting body in a similar fashion.

Police stopped the 33-year-old for a speeding ticket and decided to send her car to get impounded when she failed to produce the correct papers. According to the paper, when an officer told Johnson her car was getting towed, she reacted apathetically: “It doesn’t matter, I won’t be here in five days.”

Johnson said her sister had trusted her with the care of her two children back in 2019.

The Sun wrote that she admitted during the investigation that she had hit her niece several times, causing the child to collapse and hit her skull on the floor. Bizarrely, she has yet to elaborate on the cause and nature of the boy’s death.

“Y’all going to see me on the news making my big debut.” the paper said, citing a police report, which highlights Johnson’s lack of remorse regarding the situation.

Multiple charges are now being faced by the woman, who resided in the east coast city of Baltimore. The charges comprise child abuse resulting in the deaths of the five-year-old boy and the seven-year-old girl.

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