Motorway employees beat up FIA officer for not paying toll tax

The officer has accused the employees of violation and breaking his car's windows and front and rear windscreens.

motorway employees

An officer of the Federal Investigation Agency has reportedly been beaten up by a mob of motorway employees after he refused to pay the toll tax for his vehicle before exiting the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.

As per details, the Assistant Sub-Inspector of the FIA, Waseem Obaid, was involved in a verbal argument with the toll plaza employees before the situation intensified into a physical dispute.

After the argument, the employees reportedly beat up the FIA officer on the road. Obaid has accused the motorway employees of violation and breaking his car’s windows and front and rear windscreens.

Earlier, a similar incident occurred in Islamabad when the police arrested the DC FBR for assaulting a traffic warden. The DC FBR was reportedly issued a ticket for violating traffic rules and hitting the traffic warden in return.

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  • Those r not motorway employees they r employees of FWO so don’t encourage to private intity as a Govt department
    supported by the aliens
    Shame on ur reporting like this

    • M-2 handed over to FWO for 20 year’s period and they made MORE Motorway Operations and Rehabilitation Engineering. They manage M-2 toll plazas legally. No exception in tolls other than Emergency vehicles and on duty Police and amry vehicles

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