‘Moving to defence won’t make you less of a paindo’: Maira Khan faces flak over her comments

Actress Maira Khan has drawn severe criticism following her remarks about the non-elites. In a video posted on her Instagram, the actress asked if its necessary to imitate the lifestyle of ‘burgers’ after just moving to defence.

According to Maira Khan, ‘burgerism is inside you’ and shifting to defence won’t make you less of a ‘paindo’. She added that by adopting the lifestyle of ‘burgers’, you will just look like them and nothing more.

The Cheekh actress also mocked people for incorrectly pronouncing ‘bowl’.  She was on the receiving end of immense criticism after her video went viral on the internet.


Later, she uploaded another video and apologised for her remarks. Maira Khan said that she was unable to deliver her message properly.

It seems Pakistani actresses just enjoy being part of the news for all the wrong reasons.  Just a few weeks back, Iman Aly was severely bashed for her gender-insensitive remarks.

Similarly, Mawra Hocane for ‘normalising’ public harassment. The Hocane sisters were also criticized for their ignorance about depression.

Veteran actor Firdous Jamal’s comments about Mahira Khan had also sparked controversy on social media.

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