Balochistan MPA asked to leave assembly for bringing her child with her

Female MPA was asked to leave because her child accompanied her.

Balochistan MPA (Member Provincial Assembly) Mahjabeen Sheran Baloch was asked to leave the assembly session because she brought her child with her. Women in Pakistan have to give up their careers to manage their personal life. In addition, even if they try to manage both side by side, it is not easy either.

When she reached the assembly with her child, respected Balochistan MPA was not allowed to attend the session. Conversely, she was even ridiculed and taunted by her fellow members.

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Discrimination in assembly:

Balochistan MPA Mahjabeen Sheran Baloch


Mahjabeen Sheran Baloch carried her infant child with her on duty. Her efforts to manage her personal and professional life together are worthy of appreciation but alternatively, she was considered unfit to attend the assembly session.

This is not the first time we have witnessed something of this nature. While women have shown they are capable to manage both spheres of life, it should be noted that society deems it difficult to digest.

What should be done for women in the profession?

What the female Balochistan MPA faced can be a demotivation for working women. Balochistan’s secretary for women rights Miss Saira Atta says we need to address the situation.

Saira says that if daycare facilities are provided at working places, more women will participate in professional sphere. It is imperative not only to better facilitate the women, along with it, but it is also crucial for a child’s wellbeing as well.

Balochistan MPA Mahjabeen to start a campaign:

Mahjabeen Baloch has shown determination to not let personal life hinder the professional growth of women. Importantly, she said she will start a campaign with women members of Balochistan assembly for their rights.

Furthermore, she said they will press for changes in rules prohibiting women members to bring their children with them.

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