MQM MNA Salman Mujahid Allegedly Threatens A Citizen On Gunpoint To Move His Car

It is no hidden fact that in Pakistan, abuse of power and authority is a common sight. Since we have accepted it and have submitted to it we don’t even realize anymore that its’ wrong and manipulates general public. Though the discrimination occurs at all levels, it seems like that travelling on roads isn’t safe for a public either.

Recently, a man named Ahsan Alavi took to twitter recalling his experience of similar nature. He tweeted that he was travelling while unfortunately he got stuck in traffic, in the meanwhile, MQM MNA Salman Mujahid Baloch came by and asked him to move his car. Since the entire road was jammed due to bikes and cars who were completely helpless in the situation, Ahsan told that he’s unable to do so. Salman Mujahid pulled out his gun and pointed at Ahsan and his driver.
He says that he took out his gun loaded and started abusing, saying that now move. In a fraction of a second, all his guards came forward and pointed guns at both of them.

Here is what the individual had to say:

While leaving, the cars hit the driving seat window with his gun and left. This shows a horrific picture of existing VIP culture in Pakistan. Now, the power of social media has given voice to the downtrodden and people now have the audacity to get their opinions recognized. However, before it for many years it is prevalent and people are incapacitated to speak against it.
Now that social media has given them the audacity and a platform to speak against it. Unfortunately, we won’t still be able to make a lot of difference by it but at least the subject is getting the attention and condemnation it deserves.

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