Mr. 10 Percent: Fakhir Mehmood Makes Interesting Revelation About His Hit Song ‘Mr Fraudiye’ [Video]

Renowned Pakistani singer, Fakhir Mehmood, has made some interesting revelations regarding one of his hit 90s songs, Mr Fraudiye.

Fakhir Mehmood was recently invited on Geo News program, Jashn-E-Cricket, hosted by Shehzad Iqbal. Talking on the show, the singer revealed that his band’s hit song,Mr. Fraudiye, was originally titled as Mr. 10 percent (A term famously used to refer to former President Asif Ali Zardari).

“The song was originally named as Mr. 10 percent,” he said. “We came to know that these are just rumors, the person [Asif Zardari] isn’t Mr. 10 percent. So, we changed the song’s title from Mr. 10 percent to Mr. Fraudiye.”

“So, you felt that he is not Mr 10 percent but he is a ‘fraudiya,” Shehzad Iqbal replied.

Fakhir Mehmood went on to add that despite changing the title of the song, it still ended up getting  banned in Pakistan. The song was released in 1996 during the government of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

Watch the Song Here: 

The song Mr Fraudiye is from the third studio album, Shola, of Fakhir Mehmood’s and Haroon’s band, Awaz.


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