Mubashar Lucman exclaims that airbags of Pakistani-assembled cars don’t inflate on collision

  • Airbags of Pakistani-assembled cars do not work at the time of collision.
  • Are locally manufactured cars movable tin packs?
  • Incidents like that questions the workability of Engineering Development Board that works under Ministry of Industries.
  • Should manufacturers of such automobiles be charged with criminal negligence?


Mubashar Lucman asks about the credibility of locally build automobiles



Pakistani film director cum journalist and former caretaker provincial minister Mubashar Lucman is furious about terrible accident of PPP leader Qaira’s teenage son in a car accident. Another friend of Usama is dead in the same accident while the third boy is under treatment. “Many of the federal ministers are sleeping in a disguise”, said Mubashar while asking a question to one of his guests in his show Khara Sach.

He is enraged over the extra high prices and poor standards of locally manufactured cars. Lucman is of the view that many of the modern era cars like Corolla, Honda Civic, Atlas and many others don’t meet the prerequisite conditions for meeting the international standards. The imported vehicles are purposely banned and local ones have pitiable operational capacity, he added.


Why airbags of luxury cars don’t inflate?

None of the airbags of Usman Qaira’s vehile worked at the time of accident that happened on Friday. Many other notable incidends have been reported due to inactivity of safety procedures in such expensive cars. The death of nephew of provincial minister merely due to inactive airbags of Toyota Corolla and sad demise of son of Politician Sher Afghan Niazi are the memorable incidents in this regard.


Who is responsible?

It has become the routine that either seat belts do not work or airbags stopped its working ever since the start of indigenous productions, said a guest Mr. Qureshi. Engineering Development Board works under the ministry of Industries which is ultimately responsible for ensuring the quality and safety of manufacturing automobiles. Such institutes grant permits the operations of substandard services. This is the criminal negligence on the part of government functionaries and automobile manufacturers all the same. The life of a common man is precious and must be protected on priority basis.


Can we lower the chances of road accidents by improving the quality of automobiles? What do you understand is the major cause of road accidents in Pakistan? Please answer in the comment section

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