– An Initiative One Of A Kind is a brainchild of known youth activist Rohayl Varind, who laid down the foundation of Slum School to educate the underprivileged children. Setting a unique example of compassion and responsible societal role at such a young age, Rohayl became the topic of the town due to his solar school bags.
His solar backpacks, what he defines, are  ‘’school bags that charges during the day so that poor children and those involved in child labour can use it at night.”

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With that, Rohayl Varind is the first male Pakistani to be a jury member at the World Summit Awards. But he wants to contribute to the society in all possible ways. His unique initiatives speak for his commitment towards improving the educational landscape of Pakistan – which appears to be choked and in tatters currently. is a new initiative by Rohayl. The name speaks for itself, it provides a virtual classroom environment as a safe alternative for the mainstream education system. The main purpose of this project is to make quality, modern education accessible to all the segments of society that align with current societal dynamics.

It aims at equipping the marginalized the transgender community, acid victims, rape victims, illiterate adults and underprivileged children with knowledge, who otherwise find it difficult or are hesitant to integrate in a normal classroom environment. It also provides a platform for passionate social workers to contribute to the cause and impart their knowledge to those in need. With this, the powerful initiative intends to aware the public on their basic social rights and responsibilities. For example, you can find videos providing information about nikkahnama, the process to lodge an FIR and basic civic responsibilities.

You can also learn different languages, especially improving your linguistic skills etc. within the comfort of your home.
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