Muhammad Amir and Harbhajan Singh’s ugly Twitter spat

It all started with the Pakistani fast bowler asking Harbhajan Singh if he has broken his television following India's defeat to Pakistan.

Harbhajan Singh and Muhammad Amir has an ugly twitter spatThe on-field battle between Pakistan and India is over but the Twitter battle is still going strong. Following a friendly banter between Harbhajan Singh and Shoaib Akhtar on Twitter, the former Indian cricketer has indulged in a war of words with Muhammad Amir.

It all started with the Pakistani fast bowler asking Harbhajan Singh if he has broken his television following India’s defeat to Pakistan. He also said that at the end of the day, it’s a game of cricket.

Replying to his Tweet, the Indian cricketer posted a video clip from the Asia Cup, smashing Amir for a last over six. “Did this six land on your TV?,” asked Harbhajan.

In response to the Indian cricketer’s video, Amir shared a video of Shahid Afridi smashing Harbhajan Singh for four sixes in a row. “It’s cricket it can happen like 4 sixes in a test match,” Amir mocked Singh.

The former cricketer didn’t take Amir’s reply well and got back at Amir with personal comments.

“How did you deliver the no-ball at Lords? How much did you take and who gave it? How can a no-ball be bowled in Test cricket? Shame on you and your other supporters for disgracing this beautiful game,” Harbhajan replied.

Amir then again came up with another tweet.

The former Indian cricketer seemed very annoyed by Muhammad Amir’s tweets as he hit back at the Pakistani cricketer with couple of more tweets.

In response to Harbhajan bringing up Amir’s past, the Pakistani fast bowler said that it won’t change the fact that Pakistan thrashed India. “How about your illegal bowling action?,” asked Amir.

The two cricketers are still not done as both are liking and retweeting tweets against each other.

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