Muhammad Rizwan prays five times a day & eats whatever you give him: Former teammate & employer

His former teammate and employer, Adil Mirza, was all praise for him during an interview with a foreign media outlet.

Muhammad Rizwan prayingMuhammad Rizwan has impressed everyone with his batting ever since he was moved up the order. His hard work, humility and closeness to religion has made as many fans as his cricketing ability.

Before making a name for himself in the international cricket, the wicket-keeper-batsman spent some time in UAE and played domestic cricket there. His former teammate and employer, Adil Mirza, was all praise for him during an interview with a foreign media outlet.

“When he is in your team, he talks less, but what he says is important. He prays five times a day. Whatever you give him to eat, he will eat quietly. He is a shy guy and very humble,” Mirza said.

The Pakistani cricketer was seen praying during the game against India in the T20 World cup.

Adil Mirza is a Dubai-based businessman who runs one of the most successful A-Division teams there. Rizwan is among the Pakistani cricketers – Sharjeel Khan, Sohail Khan, and Zulfiqar Babar –  who played for his team. The players who come from other countries stay in three-bedroom apartment near his office in Deira. He described Rizwan as the “most welcome guest.”

“When he came here he said to me, ‘Adil-bhai, don’t worry about me – I just want a nice and clean room where I can pray, and whatever kind of food is there I will eat it,” Mirza said.

Talking about his hard work and passion for the game, Adil Mirza said: “In our club matches in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, after every match, our local boys would all say, ‘Mr Adil, we need to eat now’. He would say, ‘Mr Adil, let me do five laps first’. He was that energetic, even after 50-over matches he was doing sit-ups, then laps, and only then head back home for dinner.”

Muhammad Rizwan still hasn’t forgotten Adil Mirza. According to him, during the Scotland match, the Pakistani wicket-keeper waved at him in the crowd. He added that it makes him proud when people remember him even when they have made such a name for themselves.

“He doesn’t have to remember me. What I have done with him was five years back, when he was not part of the team. Today he messages me, asks how I am, tells me he is playing well,” he added.

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