[VIDEO]: Mukhtar Bibi reveals why she attends Aurat March

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Mukhtar Bibi

The Human Rights Activist, Mukhtar Bibi, has backed and supported the Aurat March-the annual event in Pakistan to demand equal rights for women.

The rape victim said in a video message shared by the Aurat March, Multan, “The reason I attend every march whether it’s in Multan, Karachi, or Islamabad is to represent our rural areas.”

She added, “I want to tell people that rural women are not weak and they can fight for their rights.”

Mukhtar Bibi was gang-raped in June of 2002 on a village council’s orders as punishment after her younger brother was accused of having relations with a woman from a rival family.

She went to court against the men and struggled for years to get justice. She has since fought for justice for sexual assault victims.

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