#MullahgardiBandKaro: A Look Into Pakistan’s Day Amid Violent Protests


Aasia Bibi’s verdict, which went in her favour, angered the hardline extremists who demanded her hanging. She was acquitted by the top court due to lack of evidence and discrepancies in victim’s testimonies. With giving open threats to judges and lawyers associated with the case, the protestors hijacked the streets, paralysing the normal activities. Schools in major cities remained closed today due to the security threat and personal properties of people were attacked to build pressure on the government. 

The protestors, majority of whom belong to Khadim Rizvi led Tehreek i Labaik (TLP), demanded the Supreme Court to overturn the decision and punish her. Earlier today, Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar said that the honour and respect of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) is equally dear to the judges and is imperative for every single Muslim, but courts cannot punish an innocent individual for it. 

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Still, they maintained their hard stance even after being warned by Imran Khan to not wage a war against the state. Prior using force to clear the streets and bringing life back to normalcy, Khan preferred to have a dialogue with them. As a result, they decided to end sit-in protest and one of the protestors filed a review petition in Supreme Court. They also demanded to put Aasia Bibi’s name in ECL, but the government rejected it and kept with its firm stance against extremist elements. 

But amid such tension and security threat, how did Pakistanis spend their day? Despite the media blackout, the Twitter hashtag #MullahgardiBandKaro was used by the innocent citizens who were most vulnerable to face the wrath. 

Here is how Pakistanis spent their day amid fear, security risk and threat:











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