Muniba Mazari Accuses Ex-Husband Of Cheating On Her – Here’s What She Said

The Iron Lady of Pakistan, Muniba Mazari has undoubtedly shown the own that physical disability can restrict your body but can never tame your soul. Being appreciated and celebrated as an inspirational female icon worldwide, Muniba has definitely challenged many stereotypical and orthodox beliefs.

However, there is one aspect of her life that is raising eyebrows i.e her marriage.
As Muniba spoke in a  TED talk briefly about it saying she got married at a young age because of family pressure and it was never a happy marriage. She also stated that the cause of the accident was her husband falling asleep while driving.

That was pretty much what we knew about it but now it has taken an unpredictable turn. Muniba’s ex-husband Khurram Shehzad has approached the court, suing her for allegedly ‘harming’ his reputation and distorting the true facts about their relationship. According to him, the accident occurred as they had hit a donkey not because he fell asleep. He further said that the cause of divorce was Muniba’s wish to start singing and modeling, that was ‘against his family traditions’. He also revealed that she herself proceeded for divorce.

The news took people by surprise and they were clearly divided over their opinion about it. Some believed that he is only doing that for the sake of compensation and money as they couldn’t make sense that why he brought it up after years of his second marriage, while other criticized Muniba for over sensationalizing her case and gaining sympathies.

Muniba took to Twitter to reveal some more details about her marriage and replied to people’s comments. Here is what she had to say:

As they say, there are three sides to the story – his side, her side and the truth. Until the truth is clear and either of them has proved their statements, people can only keep on guessing.

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