Murad Saeed’s Special Interview To

Murad Saeed needs no introduction. He can rightfully be called as a personification of PTI’s ideology, that is deeply rooted in the idea of increased youth participation in politics.
Saeed is the founder of Insaf Student Federation. From a very young age, he started getting involved in political activities, that well depict his passion and dedication.

He, however also has been in the limelight for many controversies before and after his association with PTI. He particularly became the hot topic of the town after a scuffle that broke out between Saeed and Mian Javed Latif after he called Imran Khan a ‘traitor.’

Murad regardless has been a reliable asset for PTI. He represents PTI in National Assembly from constituency NA-29 (Swat). His enthusiasm and energy make him one of a kind.’s team got a chance to exclusively interview Murad Saeed during the time when PTI had already initiated its war against corruption following the Panama Case.

Watch what Murad has to say about Khan’s stance, Nawaz’s standing and the entire situation in his exclusive talk here:

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