"Murree’s shopkeepers are overcharging and misbehaving," tourists compalin

Assistant Commissioner (AC), Zahid Hussain, spoke to a media outlet regarding the matter and vowed to take action against the looters.

On Saturday, Murree was reopened for the public after five months. As soon as the Federal Government announced the decision, a massive crowd of local tourists headed to their favorite destination.

However, their excitement soon turned to disappointment when the hotel agents, hoteliers, transporters, and shopkeepers welcomed them with rude behavior.

The humiliation at the hands of the hoteliers and shopkeepers was not the only thing the travelers faced. The tourists also came face to face with over-charging, as they were charged extremely high prices like Rs. 600 to Rs. 800 for just three to four hours of parking.

The shopkeepers did not stand back, too, and robbed the tourists with both hands by charging more than double on each item.

Several families protested and sought strict action against the looters. However, the tourist protest was to no avail, as they claimed that the Murree hoteliers had the backing of the district administration. According to them, this backing was why not even a single officer was available at their office to register the travelers\\’ complaints.

The Assistant Commissioner (AC), Zahid Hussain, spoke to a media outlet regarding the matter and vowed to take action against the looters. He said:

The people overcharging parking fees will be arrested.

The Deputy Commissioner (DC) Rawalpindi, Captain Anwar-ul-Haq also assured to take strict action against irresponsible officers.

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  • Murree should be boycotted once again for their irresponsible, unfriendly and rude attitude towards the innocent tourists. There are other worth-seeing natural places in northern areas as well, where local pplz are more hospitable than the locals of Murree. So boycott Murree once again.

  • i do remember in 70s & 80s local Murree residents used to run shops at mall ,they were so polite ,honest & sweet but in late 80s people from Lahore Rwalpindi and other cities took over their businesses by paying locals good price or with help of mafias ,result is today’s Murree rude ,arrogant ,thugs. more than 3 quarter of Murree is occupied by our Army , i cant understand why do our forces has huge set up in area ? its not close to LOC .Vehicles are force to stop at distant points ,elderly citizens cant walk to reach mall road…in short tourists should skip Murree now and teach rude shopkeepers lesson

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