Mushtaq Ahmed reveals once Imran Khan took him to dinner but didn’t pay [VIDEO]

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Recently, the former leg-spinner, Mushtaq Ahmed, recalled that current Prime Minister and ex-cricketer Imran Khan once took some players to dinner in Australia but did not pay the bill.

Mushtaq recently appeared in Geo TV’s show Jashan-e-Cricket where he disclosed that Imran Khan took four people to dinner, including himself, Wasim Akram, Aqib Javed, and Waqar Younis.

“We were in Australia. We ordered pizza, and when the bill came, it was around $80 to 85. We thought Imran Khan was our elder and would pay according to Pakistani culture, but he gave his share, which was $17, and left,” Ahmed said, laughing at the incident.

The former leg-spinner added that Imran Khan asked them to pay their share.

Mushtaq then asked the character representing PM Khan on a lighter note why he did this, to which the character replied that “change” comes from the top level.

The character actor mimicking Imran Khan’s voice said that if he had wanted, he would have asked the team players to pay his share as well to stay in the national team, but he paid his own share because “tabdeli [change] begins from the top-level.”

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