Musician Rohail Hyatt slammed over “elitist” remarks

Its not the first time that the musician has drawn the ire in Twitter

Rohail Hyatt

Social media users aren’t happy with renowned musician Rohail Hyatt over his “elitist” remarks on Twitter. The musician took to his Twitter account and raised his concern over the “hordes of beggars swarming every traffic light and marketplace in Islamabad.”

He added that these beggars are “obviously professionals that are being managed by an organised syndicate.” Furthermore, he demanded the government to “get to the root of this menace.”

However, Hyatt’s remarks didn’t sit well with social media users and were deemed elitist. A social media user suggested him to “to stick to music.” Another stated that “record breaking inflation causes poverty and increases crime.”

Some netizens are confused about whether its actually him saying all this or his parody account.

“The sight of poor folks is nauseating for people like him,” responded a Twitter user.

Here’s what others have to say:

Its not the first time that the musician has drawn the ire in Twitter. Last year, he had a hard time defending himself, when he said: “Being poor isn’t hard, but being rich can be harder at times.”

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