Muslim boy in India repeatedly beaten and forced to chant Hindu religious slogans

  • 24-year-old Muslim youth was beaten for 12 hours by the mob in India.
  • Mob forced Tabrez Ansari to chant slogans of Hindu gods.
  • The boy couldn’t succumb to the injuries and died in the hospital this Saturday.
  • Incidents of religious violence have increased under the Narendra Modi rule, US Commission on International Religious Freedom said in its report.
  • The slogans that the boy was forced to chant are often used by Bharatiya Janta Party in the recent election campaign.


Lack of inter-faith harmony and religion-based violence is nothing new to this world. There occur numerous incidents of religious extremism globally but when it comes to India, one can easily recall numerous incidents of religious violence especially during the tenure of the Bharatiya Janta Party.

Minutes long video showing a mob beating a Muslim youth shows the cold-bloodedness of administration and ruling Indian elite. A boy namely Tabrez Ansari was repeatedly beaten by the mob on the mere allegations of stealing a bike.

He was beaten for hours and was repeatedly forced to chant the slogans in praise of Hindu gods. The incident reminds us of the Congress Ministries in India during the years of 1935 to 1939 and their autocratic and blatant acts of violating Muslim’s rights.

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The police intervened the matter not to arrest those who took law in their own hands and interfered with personal freedom. They arrested the Tabrez Ansari, who couldn’t succumb to his injuries and was declared dead in the hospital of east-central state Jharkhand. Following his death, 11 villagers were reportedly arrested and two police officials have been suspended as per Indian media for mishandling of incident.

US Commission on International Religious Freedom in its annual report for the year 2019 said that the sectarian strains had considerably increased under the Narendra Modi government. Mr. Modi got re-elected as the premiere of India. The mob forced the Ansari to chant ‘Hail Hunuman,’ and ‘Hail Lord Ram,’. These slogans are often used by the Bharatiya Janta Party of India.

What do you foresee the future of Muslims in India under the government of BJP?

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