Muslim Hate Crime Victim Showed the World the True Sense of Islam

Nasser Kurdy, who showed his devotion and love for humanity by ‘voluntarily’ treating the victims of Manchester Arena bombing back in May, became a victim of hate-crime attack himself.

The Muslim surgeon was attacked with a knife in Hale, as  he  walked in Altrincham Islamic Centre this past Monday evening.

As a result, Nasser suffered with a deep wound on the back of his neck. He was taken to Wythenshawe Hospital for treatment, the same hospital where he works as a consultant surgeon.  Police arrested two people as suspects, and declared this a hate-crime.

However, Nasser has set another example and truly showed that he is a Messiah. Ahead of giving police a statement, Kurdy said that he feels no hate or anger towards his attacker and has totally forgiven him.

The Syrian-Jordanian doctor further said that he doesn’t represent what the country stands against and there must be certain circumstances that may have forced his attacker to take this extreme step.

He also highlighted the fact that after the  terrorist attacks, hate crimes against Muslims are on the rise. The entire atmosphere feels threatening as recently these attacks have become more physical than verbal.

However, he said that the community he works in knows his religious background but acknowledges his efforts and contributions. He said that by forgiving his attacker, he wants to send a message to the entire world. He wants to show that there are self-proclaimed Muslims  like those who attacked the innocent people, but there do exist Muslims like him too.

Nasser Kurdy’s words and actions definitely helped showing a patient and more tolerant image of Islam. Where the religion is blamed for preaching extremism worldwide, individual efforts of people like Kurdy succor the actual teachings and values of Islam to retain themselves.

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