A Muslim Holding A Gun Is A Terrorist, But What Is A White Man With A Gun?

The West has always been very vocal about their policies that depicted their strong resistance and condemnation towards terrorism.
But the question arises why is there an obvious contradiction between the attitude when a terrorist attack is carried on by a white person and someone with a beard? Till now, only Muslim world was able to see how there existed a clear discrimination between how people react if the terrorist was a Muslim or someone from their own community, but now even American can clearly recognize the difference as well.

A woman sits on a curb at the scene of shooting in Las Vegas Strip, USA – 02 Oct 2017

We observe rigid statements, strong reaction, and tall walls if a self-proclaimed Muslim is found connected to such activity, but why is there no rigid stance if the attacker belongs to a white background?

Is the slogan ‘terrorism has no religion’ merely a statement with no practical application and acceptability in the West?


All these questions were posed to the audience by famed TV host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel, whom we saw in a completely different composition after Vegas Shooting Incident. What is being regarded as the worst massacre in the history of America, took over 50 lives and left hundreds of people injured.

Kimmel felt completely shattered and devastated, especially because he belongs to Vegas. But he brought the entire world at a very crucial point to ponder. He highlighted the difference of reaction when an atrocity of this extreme nature is carried by a white man and someone who blows himself by chanting an Islamic slogan.


Our heart goes out to the victims of this horrific incident because definitely, terrorism isn’t a problem that concerns a particular nation and human life is sacred regardless of ethnic origin.
However, this is absolutely saddening and hypocritical that if a Muslim is behind such terrible acts, the entire community suffers due to stringent laws, discriminatory practices and an obvious rise in hate crimes. But why the entire community is muted now if the man holding the gun in Vegas was an old white man?

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