Muslim-Indian Actress Shares How She Was Denied A Home In Mumbai Because Of Her Religion

Over the years, Bollywood has developed in one of the most recognized and known film industries in the world. Being crowded with their own nationals only, it has come under criticism for their unwelcoming attitude towards Pakistani actors and discrimination on the basis of national origin. But the situation is actually far worse than it. Even if you are an Indian, have made significant contributions to the industry but you are a Muslim, you will most likely struggle to even find a place to live in.

Shireen Mirza, known for her role as Simmi is Ye Hain Muhabbatein, took to Instagram narrating her experience in Mumbai. The city is known to be an ultimate stop for those who want to live their big dreams. Every recognized name in Bollywood has a few memories associated with the city, especially of when they first arrived there having nothing in their hands except ambitions.

Shireen also shared a picture of her arrival in the city in the initial phase of her career and wrote them her emotions over how she is being treated.  She said that after living 8 years in the city, she is being denied home because she is an M.B.A – Muslim, Bachelor and Actor.

She tells that none of the landlords want to give her home as a tenant as they think being an actor equals to her being a smoker and drinker as well. She said that others refuse it or ask for higher prices due to her marital status. But what’s more shocking is in India, that houses 10% of the Muslim population in the entire world, she is being denied a place due to her religion. She said that they ask her religious origin and then ask her to get a home in the name of a ‘friend who is not a Muslim’.


I don’t deserve to get a house in Mumbai because I’m M B A – MUSLIM, BACHELOR, ACTOR. This pic was taken when I came here with a dream of living in Mumbai and now After spending almost 8 years in this city this is what I get to hear.. Firstly, Yes I’m an Actor and I do not Smoke or drink and I have no criminal records. So, How can they judge my character on the basis of my profession?? Second, I’m a bachelor and when I call brokers they ask me higher rents for the flats which are available saying Pay extra or u won’t get it since ur a Bachelor. My question is nuisance can be created by families too??? Third, I called up another person and they ask me wether I am a Hindu or a Muslim and reverted back with an answer that Muslims are not preferred. They also mentioned that take the flat on ur friend’s name who’s not a Muslim. I mean what’s in a name??? There’s no difference in the blood. Renting or buying a property in the city that never sleeps. Mumbai which prides itself on its cosmopolitan character is divided on basis of religion, profession and marital status?? I’m shocked to see that Mumbai which has given me so much that I don’t stop praising about Mumbai by calling it Aamchi Mumbai still doesn’t have a place for me and so many of us coming from out of town still struggling with identity crises. With a heavy heart and after many refusals my question is Do I belong to this city ?? ??? #supportandshare

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It’s definitely appalling to see how a Muslim has to struggle in these spheres in a country that has many stars belonging to this Islamic religious background.

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