Video: Muslim man from Sydney jumps in burning building to save a life

He recalled religious teaching that saving one life equals saving entire humanity.

  • A Muslim man Ibrahim El Akkaoui from Sydney jumps in a burning building to save a life.
  • He says religion taught him that saving one life means saving entire humanity. 
  • The incident took place in Essenza restaurant on Crown Street in Surry Hills.

Writing a new tale of heroism and love, a Muslim man from Sydney bravely jumped in a burning building to save a trapped man. The part-owner of an Italian restaurant in Sydney suffered significant injuries after being attacked and stabbed repeatedly. He was abandoned in the building, where he was rescued by arriving delivery driver Ibrahim El Akkaoui.

The 39-year-old man managed and also lived in Essenza restaurant on Crown Street in Surry Hills. On 11am last Thursday, a fire broke out in the building. A Muslim delivery man, Ibrahim El Akkaoui, upon hearing the screams jumped in the on-fire building, saving the manager who also sustained stabbing wounds.

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NSW Police Superintendent Gavin Wood informed that the incident was being treated as suspicious and damage to the premises was widespread.


“It’s a very serious crime, it’s being treated with the utmost significance. The damage is widespread on both levels, it’s a huge amount, it’s a mess.”

The brave Akkaoui:


Ibrahim Elakkaoui (pictured) ran into Italian restaurant Essenza in Surry Hills to save a life.


When he heard the man screaming, Akkaoui jumped in to save him without a second thought. The lesson that religion taught him was on his mind. ‘Saving one life is equal to saving entire humanity,’ motivated him.

“He said he had been stabbed, so the first thought was to rescue him, rescue the dog, jump in and do what we can,” Mr. El Akkaoui said.

“He was hanging inside the window so we pulled him out of the window.”

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