How the Muslim Ummah left Pakistan alone in Kashmir issue

Pakistan is abandoned by its close allies in the Muslim world.


Pressure erupted between the two South Asian atomic equipped neighbors when the government in New Delhi revoked the sacred independence of Kashmir.

Since day one when India has revoked, the special status of Kashmir Pakistan has been opposing and protesting it on the very forum but the whole world has turned deaf. However, what made Pakistan more shocked and upset when the two Gulf countries, which are considered the close allies of Pakistan, chose to side with India or stay silent.

Recently, soon after when India revoked the status of Kashmir, Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman promised to subsidize $100 billion in India by 2021 and vowed to invest $20 billion in Pakistan.

The differential perceives the various sizes of the two economies. The most recent accessible figures show Pak-Saudi exchange 2017-2018 at $7.5bn while India-Saudi exchange that year was $27.5 billion. Settlements from Pakistani employees in 2018 from KSA were $4.9bn; that from Indian laborers was $12.2 billion.

UAE’s stance:

UAE was even worse, the ambassador to India, Ahmad Al Banna, supported India’s activity as an inside regulatory issue and a “step towards further stability and peace”. At that point, on Aug 24, UAE granted Narendra Modi its most elevated nonmilitary civilian honor, the Order of Zayed. This made Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani drop his planned visit to UAE.

Recently UAE Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan made it clear to his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mahmood Qureshi and recommended Pakistan of not reveling the Muslim world in the Kashmir debate, considering it a two-sided issue between India and Pakistan.

What Pakistan needs to understand is every country even if it’s a Muslim country they only care about their markets and trades, not about “Muslim Ummah” or moral imperatives. There are no friends when it comes to personal gain and self-interest.

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  • The concept of a Muslim Ummah is popular only and only Pakistan. We should wake up and realize this reality. When money is the common interest all people have the same religion. We helped UAE setup their airlines, Air Force, military and some basic infrastructure projects. What we always forget is the saying of Hazrat Ali, the sword of Islam. When you help someone watch your back. If Islamic history is any guide then the average span of a dynastic rule is 125 yrs. These Sheikdoms and king are et the tailend of their ruling span. As Trump famously trumpetted that the monarchies in ME cannot survive a week without US help.

    • My concurrence in totality. Sheikhs are becoming increasingly shameless. If US moves out CAN KSA SURVICE? It will cry vociferously and rush to Pakistan.

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