Muslims and Christians Break Bread For Iftar In Karachi

Parish Father Mario Rodrigues, the parish priest of St Jude's, presented the idea of the joint Iftar.

Muslim and Christian Iftar

Karachi- A beautiful example of interfaith harmony was witnessed at St Jude’s Church, where a collective Iftar for both Muslims and Christians was held on Saturday.
The appetizing Iftar, followed by a tasty dinner, was attended to and enjoyed by members of both communities.
The Bishop of Karachi, Archbishop Benny Travas, was the guest of honor.
Parish Father Mario Rodrigues, the parish priest of St Jude’s, presented the idea of the joint Iftar. He said, “It is the seventh Muslim fast, and the 34th Lent fast for us. And we will both break our fasts together at sunset or Maghrib.”
The popular Iftar delicacies like pakoras, samosas, spring rolls, fruit chaat, milk sherbet, etc., were all homemade. Father Mario supervised many things while also welcoming his guests with amazing grace and energy.
Muslims and Christians broke their fast on the call to Maghrib prayer with dates and milkshakes. It was rare to see the Muslim guests say their prayers on the church grounds where special arrangements were made.
Qari Bakhtullah, the imam from a neighborhood mosque, the Jamia Masjid Al Sattar, led the prayers.
Later, he told a source that he was glad to have accepted the church’s invitation.
“My Christian brothers respect our religious duties as we do theirs. He said that caring for one’s neighbors and valuing their beliefs is also part of good religious practice followed in our faiths,” the imam said.
Father Asher Liaqat of St Jude’s said, ” We hope that this companionship becomes even stronger and peace spreads in this place in the future.”
Archbishop Benny Travas said that as they (Muslims and Christians) broke their fasts and bread on the same table. It felt like everyone was part of one family.
“We fast for 40 days during the Lent season. We pray to God, and we give charity to the poor. You also spend Ramadan fasting, praying, and giving zakat. We are so alike in our religious beliefs and obligations,” he indicated.
Afterward, the church also distributed ration bags among the underprivileged Muslims and Christians.

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