We Must Not Leave Male Victims Of Sexual Abuse Behind – Watch Victims Tell Their Bone-Chilling Experiences Here

Pakistan’s denial of child sexual abuse has cost us many lives. After the recent rape and murder of a 7-year-old innocent girl, the country, at least verbally, has broken the silence on the issue and the topic of educating your children is being brought up repeatedly on television, social media and influencers are speaking on it actively.
Now that we are talking about it (though it’s still unsure for how long the emotions will last) and there is a sudden revolutionary change in collective behavior towards the issue, we need to make sure that we are not excluding any aspect of it.

Continuing that, we need to listen to the silent cries for help, the words that will never be uttered, male victims of the sexual abuse as well. Though the topic as a whole is treated as a taboo, speaking about it for male victims, in particular, is near to impossible. The society has affiliated this image with men that they should be tough, in-charge and authoritative that the concept of them being vulnerable is what we struggle to accept.

But it does happen. It is a thing and needs our address as well. According to a survey conducted on sexual abuse among males by Express Tribune back in 2016, 57.1% (out of 927 respondents) accepted that they have been either sexually assaulted or harassed. Out of them, 88.5% went through it before the age of 18. So just as most the cases of sexual abuse,  at a younger age, they are more vulnerable and prone to falling the victim.

Source: Express Tribune

Most of the victims in Pakistan are younger boys who leave their homes due to either family circumstances or financial problem. Since they move to cities all by their own in search of livlihood, they fall prey to the hands of these human predators.  In this documentary, you can see the individuals accepting that they hunt the children walking alone on the street, tell them they will give them food and place to sleep, and then pass them on to bus drivers. Since these children find no help, they turn to drugs to numb their pain or become assaulters in future to take their frustration out.


As Imran Khan expressed his sentiments in this saying:
“It’s one of the most sad and shameful aspects of our society. I have to say I’m totally embarrassed by this”
It indeed is. Especially when now we are determined to address this, we need to make sure we don’t leave these helpless souls behind, whose horrible experiences have already dented them for life.

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