Muzaffargarh: Brothers bury their 21-year-old sister, her newborn son ALIVE in a grave

The victim has been killed in the name of 'honour' for marrying by choice.

In a bone-chilling incident of honour killing, brothers buried their 21-year-old sister and her newborn son ALIVE in a grave in Muzaffargarh. The victim married by her choice and recently gave birth to a boy, which led to her murder at the hands of her own family.

According to the available details, the victim Aimen Bibi was abducted along with her newborn son from her husband’s home on 9th February. Police lodged a complaint of the incident and arrested Aiman’s brother Awais, who accepted his crime during the investigation and indicted where they had buried the victims. The police later dug it up and found the dead bodies of Aimen and her son.

مظفر گڑھ : پسند کی شادی کرنیوالی 21 سالہ لڑکی کو نومولود بیٹے سمیت زندہ دفن کر دیا گیا

Posted by Express News on Thursday, February 27, 2020

Aimen got married by her choice against the will of her family last year. Her brother came to meet her sister after she recently had a son and forcefully took her along. Later, they dug up a grave in a vacant place and buried Aimen alive with her 40 days old son.

DSP Kot Addu Ejaz Bukhari said that the incident is disturbing to the core and the police would make sure that the culprits are dealt with iron hands.

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  • Marriage can’t be forced , live marriage is allowed and Halal! Yes socially still taboo but allowed. It should not allow anyone to even thinking about murdering someone. And we as society also feel shameful that its us who used such slurs to instigate such persons to go to extreme

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