NA 125: Rigging Or No Rigging?’s Exclusive Roadshow

The biggest dilemma of democracy in Pakistan is the vacuum created by dictatorship eras, weak institutional structures and most importantly, failure in conducting free and fair elections.
Pakistan faced a similar situation after 2013 elections when the opposition refused to accept the results due to ambiguity and lack of transparency.

PTI’s chairman, Imran Khan, raised voice against it and put forth specific constituency where, according to him, the results should have been different. One of those constituencies was NA 125, where The Federal Minister Of Railways Khwaja Saad Rafique defeated Hamid Khan of PTI by a wide margin.
Khan demanded recounting and re-verification of votes, doubting that the results were manipulated in this particular constituency.

But how valid are Khan’s claims, that can only be decided by the people of NA 125, who voted.
To convey what the public opinion is and is the general public satisfied with the results, designed an exclusive roadshow.
As we always believe in amplifying what you believe in and presenting it on a bigger platform, we interviewed the people of this particular constituency and showed it to you.

Now you decide, NA 125, rigging or no rigging? Are the claims true or just a manipulative instrument for political vengeance?

To find out, watch our exclusive roadshow here:


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