Bill introduced in NA declaring ‘defamation’ of Pakistan Army as a punishable offence

The objective of the law is to prevent hatred and disrespectful conduct against the armed forces.

defaming armed forces bill

The National Assembly has introduced the Criminal Law Bill, 2020, to make intentional defaming and insulting the armed forces as a punishable felony.

According to an insertion 500A in the Pakistan Penal Code Act 1860, anyone who deliberately ridicules or slanders the armed forces or member of the armed forces shall be found guilty. It will be regarded as a crime with two years of imprisonment or PKR 0.5 million penalties or both.

The bill further says, “The objective of the law is to prevent hatred and disrespectful conduct against the armed forces. Stern action should be taken against those bringing into disgrace the armed forces.”

Meanwhile, the National Assembly also passed the Anti-Terrorism Bill 2020. The bill on becoming a parliament law would allow an investigation officer, with the court’s permission, to use undercover operation techniques. The methods include accessing a computer system, intercepting communications, and constrained delivery to investigate the financing of terrorism within 60 days of permission under the law in force.

However, the court can prolong the period of approval for using these techniques to investigate terror financing for another 60 days on the investigation officer’s written request.

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  • bohat thora fine or bohat choti saza hya … yah jo itna bara damage log daityah ina is kay agay yah kuch bhi nahi … lakin better then nothing … Alhamdullah

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