NA Passes Bill For Acid Attack Victims’ Relief – Attacker to Receive Capital Punishment

Among the dozens passed, The National Assembly of Pakistan has unanimously passed Acid and Burn Crime bill for the relief of the victims of these heinous crimes.
The bill was presented in the lower house by Marvi Memon, as Nation reports.
“The purpose of the bill is to support the victims and bring to justice the culprits at the earliest,” Marvi said.


The bill is objected as providing urgent relief to the victims, rehabilitate them and speeding up the accountability process. Due to the stigma attached to the subject, complex nature of injuries and health implications, a comprehensive legislation was the need of the hour. According to the bill, if the acid attack victim is a child, the government is liable for providing two-year accommodation ‘where required at a suitable place’.
With that, the federal government or the board will take full responsibility of providing shelter, sustenance and fundamental needs to the victims till the time they are financially independent.

Source: CTV News

As per chapter 2 of the bill, if the attack results in the death of the victim, the attacker will be punished with capital punishment.
“If such act has resulted in the death of any person, (the culprit) be punished with capital punishment. Whoever intentionally causes hurt by acid and burn attack shall be punished with rigorous imprisonment for not less than seven years” – says the bill.
The bill has also been carefully crafted to secure and protect the victim’s identity as effectively as possible.

Source: DAWN

“The witness’s name and other identifying details shall be withheld or removed from materials disclosed to any party to the proceedings and the witness shall use a pseudonym. Under this bill, the witness shall be screened so as to prevent his identification. The identification parade shall be carried out by way of witness screening which is the use of screens, curtains or two-way mirrors to shield the witness and their identity from the accused and from the public and the media as a means to reduce any potential intimidation and face-to-face confrontation.” – It says (Source: Nation)

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