NAB asked Maryam Nawaz how is she so rich. Guess what she said?


Yesterday, vice president of PMLN (Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz) Maryam Nawaz appeared in front of NAB (National Accountability Bureau) in relevance to the Chaudhary Sugar Mills Case. While it is not ‘new’ news, the highlight of her appearance before NAB, which will be certainly remembered for a long time, is that she doesn’t even know how she is so rich!

The NAB investigation team, which consists of 3 members, had called Maryam’s brother Hassan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz to appear in the same case as well. Both the Sharif sons were unable to appear in front of NAB since they were out of the country.

PMLN workers greeted Maryam Nawaz outside of the NAB premises with great enthusiasm and also showered petals on her car. However, she has been summoned again on 8th August since she ceased to answer the majority of the questions which the investigation team asked. She was given a questionnaire, that she had to answer and submit by the next hearing.

When asked about the hefty $480 million that had been transferred to her account from Dubai, Maryam replied that she had no idea how that happened. However, NAB team in return grilled her on the question, saying that is was unbelievable how she had no knowledge whatsoever of the transaction that had happened into her own account.

Maryam Nawaz replied that NAB should seek answers of these questions from Mian Sharif and Abbas Sharif, the two men which have already passed away.

NAB has reportedly traced a number of TTs (Telegraphic Transfers) by Sharif family and the end beneficiaries allegedly including Maryam Nawaz and other owners of Chaudhary Sugar Mills. The TTs are worth millions of rupees. Investigations by NAB are now trying to figure out whether Maryam Nawaz and other members of the Sharif family are stakeholders in Chaudhary Sugar Mills.

The case has been substantiated by money laundering investigations, that have been carried out against party leaders Shehbaz Sharif and his son Hamza Shahbaz.

Yousuf Abbas, son of late Abbas Sharif, has also been a part of the investigation.

After returning from NAB, Maryam Nawaz took to Twitter and said:

“Back from NAB. Told them the questions about family business have been asked & answered a zillion times & nothing found even by agenda-driven JIT. But since the aim is to use NAB as a tool to harass & victimize, the theatre of the absurd continues.”

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