NAB retrieves Rs178b from corruption in the last two years

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has performed exceedingly well over the last two year.



The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has performed exceedingly well over the last two years. In a statement, the Chairman of NAB, Justice (R) Javed Iqbal said, the performance of the Bureau has improved in all departments.   

According to the data revealed by the NAB, the Bureau has recovered an amount worth Rs178 billion from corruption in the said time frame.

NAB statistics in 2019

Complaints received in 2019 51,591
Complaints disposed of in 2019 46,123
Remaining complaints 13,299


 Complaint Verification
Total number of verified complaints 1,464 cases
Total number of disposed complaints 1,362 cases
Ongoing Cases 770 cases
Complaint inquires comparison
Inquires 2019 2018
Authorized conducting inquiries 574 complaints 221 complaints
Investigation completed 658 complaints 217 complaints
Ongoing investigation 859 complaints 335 complaints
Corruption references in 2019 206
Disposed of references 161
References in various accountability courts over the last two years 600
Mega corruption references 170
Filed corruption references 101
Disposed of references 46
Mega corruption inquires near to logical conclusion 13
Mega corruption investigation near to logical conclusion 19


The Chairman added that the priority is to end mega corruption cases and punish people involved. Currently, 1,275 corruption references having an acquired value of Rs943 billion are at different stages of hearings in various courts.

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    It’s all.lies. NAB like all pakistanis officals talk big and make all efforts to show & do propaganda for common people thst NAB is doing a great job. In reality it’s a big fraud nothing happened asnd nothing changed infact all crimin asls got away by giving a lollipop to common people.

    Actually NAB is the biggest reason tgere is fraud in Pakistan as if ur bad luxk and u get caught u pay fraction and get away without going to Jail.

    Amount of money lost by pakistan common people demand to hang NAB and it’s officals and all the frauds with there families leave the money with them.

    What a drama showing they recovered 200 billions after losing 30000 billions or more. What a idiots departmemt.

    You will see Chairman NAB will give a Beaurcratic speech that we will do this or that but reality nothing will happen as this is all talk but no work.

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