NAB struggles to find anything significant on Shahid Abbasi

On a lighter note, one day Shahid Khaqan Abbasi asked the NAB officials investigating him in custody, if there could be a NAB case against him for appointing the NAB chairman.

  • Shahid Khaqan Abbasi takes full responsibility for the entire LNG project.
  • Engro terminal helps Pakistan to save a minimum of $1.2 billion every year.
  • In the sector of power generation, Qatar LNG saves Pakistan 150 to 200 million rupees per year.


Shahid khaqan Abbasi in the past has said that in front of NAB that all the cases that are related to LNG I take full responsibility for everything. Moreover, LNG cases related to Miftah Ismael and sheikh Imranul Haq. Family and party of SKA admit to the sources that he takes full responsibility for everything related to LNG cases.

“He had anticipated that the NAB would eventually arrest Miftah, Sheikh Imran ul Haq and several others to put pressure on him. Several weeks before the arrest, he asked his son to reach out to them and let them know that they may do or give any statement they wanted to avoid being locked up by NAB. He said that he wouldn’t hold it against them if they become approvers just to stay out of jail,” the sources said.

ISGS MD Mobin Saulat and ex-secretary Petroleum Abid Saeed gave statements against the minister and free themselves from any blame and wrongdoing.

Its been over a year now that former arrested prime minister is answerable to the most illogical and ridiculous questions from the NAB says the sources.

Qatar LNG

At the start, the focus of NAB was on the Qatar LNG procurement and accused Abbasi of corruption. In response to that Abbasi says this was and still is the best long-term LNG deal in the world. Even Japan was impressed by the better terms and lower prices who buy a double amount of LNG that Qatar produces.

Only in the sector of power generation Qatar LNG saves Pakistan 150 to 200 million rupees per year. According to media reports, Qatar is not happy with the current government of Pakistan for politicizing the project.

Qatar government ask the Current government not to use and drag their names for their benefits, cancel the contract if you are not willing to continue.

Engro Terminal

Another case on Abbasi is a misuse of the authority and granting a project on personal interest to Engro. Abbasi in response to that said I don’t have any relative in Engro. Moreover, how can I influence the results in a transparent bidding process says, Abbasi.

During the last 4-5 years, Engro is the only LNG terminal in the world operating at the capacity of 100pc.

This terminal helps Pakistan to save a minimum of $1.2 billion every year. Before this terminal, Pakistan was the second-largest importer of fuel behind china. But today our imports are zero.

He further says that the project completed on time-world record time for an LNG terminal.

According to sources NAB had no solid questions proof.

AKA responded that the current government has not been able to appoint anybody, even on the BoD for state-owned enterprises. Nobody credible or qualified wants to join due to fear of NAB and the blatant victimization that comes along with it. Sources quote SKA telling that there is much more to share, and lamented, “This is a never-ending joke.”

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  • Junta k munh ko xoon laga hua ha, jo unhein challenge karay voh jail mein rehay ga, kitna h pak saaf aur competent kion na ho.

    It is a shame, we are not even beginning to fight their blatant excesses!

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