Nadia Hussain leaks her personal chats with Nabila, ‘exposes’ her [SCREENSHOTS]

Here is what happened!

The famous Pakistani model turned actress Nadia Hussain has pointed out the ‘insecure’ behavior of makeup artist Nabila after the two engaged in a heated online conversation.

Recently, Nadia shared personal screenshots of her conversation with Nabila on her Instagram, where the makeup mogul accused her of copying a makeup palette.

Nabila started the WhatsApp conversation by saying, “Don’t you have a brain of your own?”

Replying to Nabila’s comment in the chat, Nadia responded, “Firstly, it is not your copyright product. Secondly, it’s a different item.” She added, “You [Nabila] are a label on your own. Why should it bother you? No need to be insecure.”

Nadia then took to her Instagram and shared the situation with her followers.

“This is exactly what being insecure means!” the model shared, continuing, “I am just shocked, speechless, confused, and yet feel victorious at the same time. For someone of Nabila’s character, to stoop to so low and send me such an underhanded message on the launch of my product is just beyond me. I can’t tag her because she has blocked me.”

Nadia added, “I’ve attached my conversations with her[Nabila] since 2019 for people to know that yes, it was her who sent me that absurd message. Also, a screenshot of a few digits from her phone number for people who know her personally so no one can say these images are altered or that they are sent from someone else’s number whose name I had changed to her’s!”

Later, Nabila also replied with the statement on the official social media handles of Nabila’s salon.

What are your views on this? Share with us in the comments below.

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