Owner of Nabila’s Salon gets into a ‘comment war’ after people condemned her for reopening salon

According to her, as the President of Pakistan’s Hair and Beauty Association, it is her duty to ensure that her industry is looked after.


The owner of the renowned Nabila’s Salon recently posted a video on social media announcing the reopening of her salons.

In the video, Nabila said businesses are suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we all have a ‘choice’. She said that we can either live in fear, watch the news, and wait for something to happen, or live life to the fullest and take full charge.

Nabila further said that she’s an ‘optimist’ and would choose the second option, making decisions about her professional and personal life by ‘Raising the Bar’.

The entrepreneur went on to explain that after she opens her salon, all precautionary measures would be taken. Nabila assured that hygiene and medical-level sanitization would be practiced to ensure the health of employees and customers.

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However, Nabila faced a huge backlash and people reacted harshly to this announcement. Although the comments have now been disabled under her videos, Nabila personally responded to her critics and defended her decision.

Here’s how the people reacted:

Speaking to media outlets, Nabila said she would not surrender to bullying. She said that she would wait for the government’s permission to open her salon, and the purpose of sharing the videos was to tell the clients about the precautionary measures that would be taken once they do open. Nabila added that the videos were shared to let the government know they have the right equipment to provide safe services during the time of a pandemic.

Nabila said she consulted experts and doctors before making this decision. According to her, as the President of Pakistan’s Hair and Beauty Association, it is her duty to ensure that her industry is looked after.

She spoke to other salon owners as well, who are also struggling due to the pandemic as they have staff and bills to pay.

While talking about wasting PPE’s, Nabila said the country is now producing a surplus of protective gear, and her friend, who owns a garment factory, sent her these kits.

‘’We are responsible for the bread and butter of hundreds of families’’, Nabila said. She further added that they have to adjust to the new norm.

‘’Should we not be considering possibilities on how the world would work post-corona?’’, she asked.

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  • Ahh she will definitely raise the bar in my book. Among other things.

    One MUST follow the safety requirements recommended by the government.

    Influencer? I doubt it.. Economic crunch is making her do this.

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