Nadeem Afzal Chan FINALLY introduces us to the iconic ‘Mukhtara’ in his new YouTube video

You must be familiar with these names by now!

Not too long ago, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf leader and the spokesperson of the Prime Minister office Nadeem Afzal Chan became an internet sensation. He became the topic of the town (and memes) after his voice message was leaked.

In the leaked audio, he was addressing someone with the name ‘Mukhtar’, suggesting him to take precautionary measures against the COVID-19 outbreak. He asked him to suspend all political gatherings and practice social distancing to protect himself against the disease.

“Country’s situation is very serious right now. You [Mukhtar] should go to your hometown Hafizabad. Don’t come out and keep the children inside. Currently, thousands of people are dying of coronavirus, but the government is under-reporting the cases,” Chan said.

However, what made the audio message truly amusing, is the native Punjabi language. The audio clip was widely shared over the internet.

But it also made everyone wonder…who is Mukhtar? Why is the official spokesperson so concerned about him? Well, Chan answered all these questions in the recent video.

Mukhtar and Chan shot a short 3-minute video for his official youtube channel. Both discuss the leaked audio controversy and talk about how they became the topic of discussion across Pakistan overnight in a very light-hearted and refreshing manner.

Here, have a look:

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