WATCH: Nadia Hussain shames, hits back at followers who were abusing her during a live video

It all started when Nadia was being heckled in her recent live makeup tutorial.

Trolling has become the new culture of Pakistan, and it has reached new heights. Every day we see how people pour hate into celebrities’ comment sections for the most senseless things.

With the increased lewd comments, many Pakistani celebrities have turned their comments sections off to avoid the situation. However, Pakistani television actress and model Nadia Hussain started clapping back at her haters in the same manner and proved herself to be the feistiest of them all!

Nadia Hussain has been a victim of the online hate or troll culture. She believed that things were going out of hand, so she had to give a shut-up call to her haters, who kept bashing her on social media.

It all started when Nadia was being heckled in her recent live makeup tutorial. The supermodel replied to the hate comments in the video, with the same intensity.

“Yes, you’re also very pathetic, just get lost,” said Nadia.

Nadia also took to her Instagram to share a post that made it clear that if people are going to mess with her, they better be ready to get it back ten folds.

The Diva also did a live session regarding the issue and made it clear that she has zero-tolerance for any negativity and hate speech on her page.

“I’m like that Sherni! You step on my tail, I will bite your head off,” Nadia claimed. “People can say whatever they want but not on my page! They need to understand the limits,” she further added.

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