Artist and activist Nadia Jamil diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer

Nadia recently made a comeback to the drama industry with her latest drama serial 'Damsa'.

Famed artist and child protection worker Nadia Jamil has announced that she has been diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. Sharing the news with her followers on Twitter, Jamil said that she is feeling positive and hopeful even after learning about her health condition.

She advised her followers to never take their health for granted. Jamil said that if you feel any changes in your body, never ignore them and seek medical help.

”Last week I was diagnosed with cancer. Now four days into treatment. In the last few days have felt all sorts of feelings from apprehension, fear, unbeatably huge love to calm, acceptance, patience, overwhelming gratitude & a deep sense of responsibility to my children, parents, loved ones, myself, you,” Nadia wrote. 

”It’s stage 1 breast cancer/grade 3 tumor. Regular self-checks are important ladies! Please act fast if you feel any abnormalities. Do NOT ever ignore your body, your health. I now await my surgery date & am feeling positive and loved. Please don’t worry & take good care of yourselves”, she continued.

Following her announcement, people poured in support. Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhary also sent prayers and best wishes.

Others also expressed concern for her:

Nadia, who is known for her activism for underprivileged children, recently made a comeback to the drama industry with her latest drama serial ‘Damsa’. Damsa was the story of a mother who loses her daughter to child trafficking and leaves no stone unturned to rescue her.

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  • So sorry about the news. Allah pak bless you healthy long life. You were always on-forefront for helping needy and really missed In contemporary calamity.

  • In sha Allaha everything will be ok becz it’s firt stage , lots of prayers with you

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