Nadia Jamil Shares The Touching Story Of How She Adopted Two Kids Shackled In Child Labour And Changed Their Lives

World of famous people revolves around the axis of controversy. Being in the spotlight is not an easy job and especially when the spotlight is as unforgiving as in the celebrity world.But the unfortunate part about Pakistani industry is that every negative and controversial is highlighted while the positive gestures hardly become the topic of discussion.
Take this incredibly brave gesture from the known actor and children rights activist Nadia Jamil for instance.

Adoption is a controversial issue in Pakistan. Not many consider it even in the most hopeless of circumstances. Going against the odds of the society and taking this bold step is definitely an act of courage, that too for a woman.
But Nadia was fearless in her conduct regarding the issue of child labour just like she is in her words and views. Nadia has been a prominent individual in raising awareness for the cause but has also practically done something that reflects her strength.

Nadia adopted two kids: one previously worked on a brick kiln and the other one was a street child, whom she found stabbed and hurt. Both of them touched her in an unspeakable manner and she took the decision of adopting them, changing their lives forever.
She took to Twitter talking about them and expressed her love, saying that both of them are acing their studies now and she is so proud of them. Here is what she had to say:

The heartwarming story touched many people and they showed their love for her incredibly kind gesture.

Here is what people had to say:

The story is definitely one of a kind. The way Nadia influenced their lives shows that if an individual is determined, he can make a difference regardless. Massive thank you to her for sharing her story, inspiring many of us.

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