Nadia Jamil Thanks National Epilepsy Center Karachi For Saving Her Life

The beautiful and insanely talented Nadia Jamil has been one of the finest assets for the Pakistani media industry. With her qualitative acting skills, Nadia is known for her brave and bold stance on social issues. She has, not even once, shy away from saying what she believed in, which is why she is loved and enjoys a very loyal fan base.

Nadia is also a known child rights activist and has been quite rigid with her stance against child labour. To set a unique precedent, she also rescued two kids from child labour and adopted them, giving them the best life.  She shared about them on her social media platforms and said she is a proud mother that both her sons are doing well in studies and working towards a better quality of life.

However – her health had been in tatters all this time. Contrary to glam life of showbiz, Nadia has shared every aspect of her life to be more relevant to an ordinary human being.

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On May 1, she asked her fans and followers to pray for her since she has 17 seizures in 3 days and her body was really naive. The support was poured in by all the social media community when later she announced she is at home, recovering, slowly and gradually.

Recently, she again took to Twitter announcing that from having regular seizures, now she is having none and it is all because of treatment she got from National Epilepsy Centre Karachi. She said that not only her disease was diagnosed here, which even Addenbrookes in Cambridge couldn’t do, but she is now completely recovering as well. She lauded the quality of medical services and said that many people, especially with little resources, can be treated here.

 Here is what she wrote:

People sent prayers for her and also said that they weren’t even aware of the fact that Pakistan has an epilepsy centre.

Here is what they had to say:

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