[VIDEO] Nadia Khan talks about adopting her youngest son ‘Kiaan’

According to Nadia Khan, she has a special bond with her youngest son Kiaan.

Nadia Khan opens up about family, relationships, and more.

Recently, popular TV host Nadia Khan appeared on the talk show ‘Time Out with Ahsan Khan’ for an interview. During the interview, Nadia Khan opened up about her recent marriage and also her youngest adopted son, Kiaan.

Is Nadia Khan happy with her third marriage?

Nadia Khan’s Recent Marriage

The iconic morning show host Nadia Khan is loved by fans for her energy and charm. Over time, Nadia Khan has succeeded in establishing herself as one of the most beloved figures in the Pakistani showbiz industry.

The morning show host recently made headlines when she married Faisal Rao. According to reports, this is Nadia Khan’s third marriage, and she is pleased with her decision.

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Nadia Khan’s Children

The TV show host is a mother of two sons and a daughter. According to Nadia Khan, she has a special bond with her youngest son Kiaan.

Nadia Khan talks about her ‘happy’ family.

In the interview with Ahsan Khan, Nadia Khan talked about this bond and said:

Kiaan is my adopted son. The only reason I am using the word ‘adopted’ is because people were saying so many rubbish things like ‘they just got married, and there is a son.’ They were asking, ‘why did you adopt? You already have children’.

Nadia Khan talks about special bond with adopted son Kiaan.

Clarifying the statement, Nadia shared:

I love Kiaan very much and do not care what anyone thinks about my children. I am not answerable to anyone, but he is my son, my life. Kiaan was 20 days old during the adoption period. When this whole process started and when he started talking, the first thing he said was ‘Papa’ and I used to be like Papa is not here, but I used to say jokingly that we will bring best Papa.

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  • What a moron….her kids….his kids….their kids….adopted kids….what a khichri is this? does any kid live with their OWN father in that pathetic family?

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