NADRA And ICT Decide To Verify Identities Of Landowners To Check For Fraud Cases

The project is ready to start as the NADRA Verisys system is already in place at the Registry Branch

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) have agreed to cooperate with Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) for verifying sellers’ identity in Islamabad to check potential cases of land fraud.

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat, while addressing a Press conference, explained that the initiative was taken to improve and innovate potential business for the land revenue department.

NADRA Verisys System:

The Deputy Commissioner said the project is ready to start as the NADRA Verisys system is already in place at the Registry Branch in the district courts complex. Officials from the administration will verify the identity of the sellers of land through the system.

Photos of the sellers/purchases, along with documents, will be stored into the system for future reference. This will enable the Government to record of all sale/purchase and the Sale Deed concerning a property.

According to The Deputy Commissioner, the sellers sell land more excessively than the actual share, and sale of property through registered deed is not maintained, which results in a property being sold twice or thrice.

After the process of registering the sale deeds, the transfer of land in the revenue record will ensure that the piece of land will not be resold.

Decrease Land Cases In The Courts:

Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat said the project will decrease the burden of land cases, in courts and the revenue department. The record of files of Jamabandi has been pending in court since 2002. The data will be complied with in the ICT by next month with the help of NADRA and Punjab Land Revenue Authority.

Two-Year Project:

The project that aims to end conventional fraud filled transactions in Islamabad is expected to take two years. It will also target rural areas of Islamabad to overcome fraud.
Private housing authorities have been notified to upload their records online to avoid major land dispute cases in the future.

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