‘Won’t Take A Penny’ Says Newly Appointed Chairman PTV Naeem Bukhari

"I will restore PTV in 90 days and resolve issues with the PTV Union"- Bukhari


  • The renowned anchor and lawyer, Naeem Bukhari, has been appointed as the new Chairman of PTV.
  • The information ministry confirmed Bukhari’s appointment for three years.


Naeem Bukhari
Naeem Bukhari took charge as the new Chairman of PTV.

The Federal government has appointed the renowned anchorperson and lawyer, Naeem Bukhari, as the Pakistan Television Corporation’s (PTV) Chairperson. The Chairman will, unless he resigns earlier, be holding office for three years.

While speaking to the media outside the Supreme Court, the newly appointed Chairman said, “I will restore PTV in 90 days and resolve issues with the PTV Union.”

He further went on to say, “Dramas are among my priorities. Comedy programs of PTV were its identity; I will bring back the lost identity of PTV.”

He added, “The channel has to be run by permanent employees; contracts in PTV is unjustified.”

However, when a reporter asked the lawyer if the opposition would be given equal airtime on the channel, he replied, “Not at all.”

Bukhari said PTV has always been a state-run organization, and it would only represent the government’s stance.

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