‘Naiki Ker Instagram Per Daal’ – Tuba Amir Gets Slammed For Showing Off Donations

Despite all the efforts by our stars, online trolls are still not sparing them.

The underprivileged are suffering immensely by the ongoing lockdown across the country amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of the daily wage workers are finding it hard to even get enough food to eat. But thanks to our showbiz and celebrities from other fields, these people are getting as much help as possible.

Despite all the efforts by our stars, online trolls are not sparing them.

Recently, Tuba Amir, the wife of the ruling party’s MNA, Amir Liaquat, posted a video of herself packing food and other stuff for the underprivileged people. Instead of lauding her for her humanitarian work, some people bashed her for ‘showIng off’.

“Little act of kindness in these troubling times will make us stronger. Together, we have to help those in need. We should all contribute whatever we can. May Allah Pak protect us all,” Tuba Amir wrote. 

Here’s How She Got Slammed For Helping People: 

Other Pakistani celebrities, such as Maya Ali, Feroze Khan, Hira Mani and others are also actively playing their part in helping people. Before Tuba Amir, Mahira Khan also got hate comments under one of her videos but the Raees actress shut them down like a boss.


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