[VIDEO] Veteran actress Naila Jaffery requests financial support to battle cancer in a heartbreaking video

The actress recorded a video sharing that she has been fighting ovarian cancer since 2016.

Naila Jaffery has been battling cancer for 6 years.

Recently, a video featuring veteran actress Naila Jaffery has been doing the rounds on social media. In the video, Naila Jaffery is requesting financial support to battle cancer.

Details of the Viral Video

The actress recorded a video sharing that she has been fighting ovarian cancer since 2016. Naila Jaffery posted the video online to ask for royalties for her drama shows being re-cast on television channels as she cannot afford her treatment.

Naila Jaffery further shared that she has been suffering from the disease for the last six years and has not been able to get the second session of chemotherapy. The actress said:

I was hospitalized with an infection.

Recalling that Pakistan Television had paid her royalties for the shows the channel rebroadcast she said:

Even though the money was too little, we were happy.

Naila Jaffery shares her cancer story.

Naila Jaffery further shared:

I have been sick for six years, and everyone assisted me previously. I wish they helped today too. I wish a small percentage of the shows being replayed today were paid to the actors and actresses.

Concluding the statement, Naila Jaffery said:

Such a move will help artists manage their lives.

Naila Jaffery ended the video by appealing to the government and policymakers to take care of artists.

Here is Naila Jaffery’s heart-wrenching video:

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  • CM Buzdar should have acted if she lives in Lahore, unfortunately, she is in Karachi. Sindh ministers should postpone drinking for some time and support her.

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