Why is Narendra Modi being called as the Hitler of South Aisa?

What similarities do the both personalities share?


“Patriotism is when the love of your own people comes first. Nationalism, when hate for other people than your own comes first” – Charles de Gaulle.

Adolf Hitler has been observed as a leader who has taken the world to the war in the previous century due to his mania and addiction to the Aryan race. Mr. Narendera Modi a leader in South Asia and a current Prime Minister of India has followed the same path by promoting Hindu nationalism and rise to power.

In 2002 when Modi was the Chief Minister of province Gujrat, he was held accountable for killing many Muslims.

Both Hitler and Modi have deceived and misguided their people by distorting the facts and use nationalism to their advantage.

Similarities between Hitler and Modi:

Misleading Both Hitler and Modi used biased and misleading facts to promote their popularity and strengthen their power.
Political exploitationHitler manipulated people to gain their support by using public sentiments as his tool while Modi used anti congress rhetoric.
Endorsement of Power Both Hitler and Modi have been ridiculed by believing in a centralized government and junction of power.
Persuasion of Youth  Hitler persuaded youth through education. The officials of the Nazi has to make sure that desired ideas are circulating secured high positions. In 1999-2004 Modi has done the same thing by making alterations in textbooks.
Promoted hateBoth the leaders promoted hate against the minorities of their countries. At the time Hitler German nation hated Jews now in the rule of Modi every Hindu who even label themselves as liberals hate Muslims.


Prime Minister Imran Khan Remarks:

Prime Minister Imran Khan Tweeted:

“Attempt is to change the demography of Kashmir through ethnic cleansing. Question is: Will the world watch & appease as they did Hitler at Munich?”

He further added: “Ideology of Hindu supremacy, like the Nazi Aryan supremacy, will not stop” in Kashmir, but would lead to “the suppression of Muslims in India & eventually lead to targeting of Pakistan”.

India Pakistan war:

India is immensely inspired by an ideology similar to Hitler’s Nazi. Modi attempts is to change the demographics of Kashmir based on ethnic decontamination as Hitler did in Munich. The ideology of India that is suppressing the Muslims of India will eventually lead to starting a war as there is always a possibility of India attacking Pakistan.

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  • bharat will start nuclear war by stricking first and pakistan would be compelled to follow. bharat is too big to live peacefully with its neighbors and specially pakistan because of enmity of muslims.  untill and unless bharat is not balkanized there would be no peace in the world.

  • Time for people in India to decide what kind of future they want?

    Time is running out fellas!

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