Nasir Khan Jan being bullied at a morning show irks social media community

Social media influencer was invited at a morning show on Samaa TV.

Social media community stood by NKJ against bullying


Nasir Khan Jan has made his presence felt on the social media sphere which his self-deprecating humour. His videos, hated by some and enjoyed by many, proved to be a source of continuous entertainment.

Recently, Khan was invited at a morning show ”Naya Din” at Samaa TV. Nasir Khan Jan shared a video of ‘rehearsal segment’ at his YouTube channel which seemed pretty pleasant. Alternatively, what went on-air disturbed many.

The host of the show Muhammad Shuaeb constantly attacked Nasir Khan Jan, calling him ‘vulgar’. Moreover, it should be noted that his co-host Kiran Aftab can be seen smirking at his disrespectful behaviour towards the guests.

Moreover, the host is seen repeatedly interrupting him, asking him to ‘calm down’ whenever he tried to explain himself. Watch the video clip:

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Throughout the interview, despite being insulted, Nasir kept his cool which deserves all the appreciation. Above all, the host called Khan ‘vulgar’ for his shirtless video, although shoots showing off naked bodies is not a new sight in our entertainment industry.

Without a doubt, everyone has the choice to approve or discard the content he produces. But inviting someone over to the show only to disrespect is absolutely shameful.

Twitter community extends support to Nasir Khan Jan:

Apart from this, Twitter wants the hosts to apologise for their disrespectful behaviour


Social media community has extended full support to Khan, calling the hosts out for their problematic behaviour. Subsequently, it cannot be undone, but the show anchors do owe him an apology.

Khan thanks people for support:


After the social media outcry, Nasir Khan thanked the people in a video message for support and requests the hosts to be respectful towards guests. He said in the video message:

“I am filled with gratitude because of the positive response and I really hope that in the future I get the same positivity. It is my job to entertain you all and I will keep doing that to spread the positivity.”

Above all, he is of view that if hosts are more respectful towards guests, they will more happily be on the show.

“When you invite a guest on your show, please respect them. If you treat them with respect, more will happily come on your show. I wasn’t aware of the questions I would be asked and what would happen on [Naya Din].”

Additionally, he said that when they are invited to a show, they expect respect. Contrary to it, he had to face disrespect and disregard. Last but not the least, display of ethical behaviour should be a priority.

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