National Accountability Bureau – Ahtasaab Bureau – Exclusive

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is an autonomous federal institution established under the Constitution.

The role of NAB is to carry on assessments and monitor the national economic matters. It was formed on November 16, 1999, and is empowered by National Accountability Ordinance (NAO) 1999.

The role of NAB is to make significant efforts in controlling the financial crimes and regulating economic matters of the country.

As per the Constitution, NAB has full authority to thoroughly investigate, inquire and issue arrest warrants against the individuals that are involved in financial crimes, corruption, and unlawful economic activities.

NAB also has full authority to investigate any case of suspected fraud in the state, private, corporate and defense sector. It then directs cases to the accountability courts.




The mission of NAB, according to its official website reads as:

‘’ is to work to eliminate corruption through a comprehensive approach encompassing prevention, awareness, monitoring and combating.’’

NAB has two main offices: Prosecutor General Of Accountability and Chairman.

With main headquarters in Islamabad and regional headquarters in all four provinces, NAB is made to make sure that all segments of government structure are transparent and financially credible.



This reflects that NAB is one of the most significant institutions of the state, to ensure the quality of the governance.

Ensuring transparency at each level, with fear of accountability is determines the efficiency of a government.

However, the Bureau has always been under criticism for the plea bargain, politicization, and institutionalized corruption. The inefficiency of NAB has been one of the determinants of the dilemma Pakistan always faced regarding financial credibility.


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