Ministry of Education introduces ‘single national curriculum’. Here’s all you need to know

The curriculum is prepared after unprecedented consultative process with every stakeholder

The Federal Ministry of Education and Professional Training has launched the Pre 1-5 grades single national curriculum. The ministry said the curriculum is now available on its website.

In an official tweet, the ministry said, “The curriculum has been prepared after unprecedented consultative process with every stakeholder. The list of curriculum experts and educationists who have been part of consultations on Single National Curriculum is being published on our website.”

Regarding the newly introduced syllabus of English, the ministry said, “English language learning has always been considered an important skill when it comes to education at all levels. It is important to teach language learners to communicate their ideas effectively both orally and in written form.”

The newly introduced uniform policy stated that, “Reading, in particular, helps broaden the horizons of students. It shows them a wide range of cultural, emotional, intellectual and social situations or content, which can act as a foundation for building a more tolerant and multicultural society.”

In the early years of schooling, the natural sequence of learning a language should be followed, i.e., observing, listening, and speaking. “Once the child has developed considerable competence in using oral English, he or she should be encouraged to express ideas in writing,” said the Ministry of Education in a newly introduced uniform curriculum policy.

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  • اُردو کو ذریعہ تعلیم بنائے بغیر اور انگ ریزی کو اس ملک سے نکالے بغیر کوئی تعلیمی منصوبہ بندی کامیاب نہیں ہو سکتی۔ انگ ریزی کو اس ملک پر مسلط رکھنے کا مطلب اس ملک کی ترقی کے تمام راستے بند کرنا ہے

  • I appreciate this policy but one thing may be kept in mind that the national syllabus should be enough rational to cater both poor and rich class

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