National Logistics Cell Directed to Hand Over Record of Billions Rupees of Scam to NAB

A subcommittee of the National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee on Tuesday directed the National Logistics Cell (NLC) to hand over the record of illegal investment worth billions of rupees to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). The NLC is a logistics company run by the Pakistani military.

As per details, PAC’s subcommittee meeting was held under the chair of Sardar Ayaz Sadiq. Replying to the subcommittee, an official of the NLC told that GHQ had already taken strict action against the officers involved in the infamous NLC scam.

The official added that the Major General involved had been suspended as well as stripping him of his pension and rank.

Talking about the illegal investment worth 5387 million rupees by the NLC in the stock exchange, PMLN leader Khwaja Asif said that if it was a parliamentarian involved in such a case involving billions of rupees of scam, he would have been on a 90 days remand with the NAB or FIA.

Chairman of the subcommittee, Ayaz Sadiq, on this occasion said that despite action against the former DG, no recovery was made. Khwaja Asif quizzed the NLC official about the investigation against the brokers who took commission worth 30 crore rupees.

Ayaz Sadiq expressing his displeasure at the NLC said that it has failed to provide the record despite being asked several times since 2009. The NLC official added that the record of the billions rupees of scam is with GHQ.

National Logistics Cell was later on directed to provide all the record to the anti-corruption watchdog.


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