‘Pakistanis care about artists only after their death’, Actress Nausheen Shah comments on how she feels about Qandeel Baloch

In an exclusive interview with Iffat Omar, renowned artist Nausheen Shah expressed her views on Qandeel Baloch and the respect that artists get in Pakistan.

She said that when famous and respectable artists are alive, no one gives them any recognition. But when they pass away, people earn money from their death by making programs and dramas about them.

While giving the example of Qandeel Baloch, Nausheen said that when she was alive, people abused her and nobody offered her work. But as soon as she died, a drama named ‘Baaghi’ was made on her life journey.

The actress found this sad and alarming.


‘’In foreign countries, they don’t do this. They provide enough facilities to their artists that they don’t have to beg’’, she said. Nausheen continued that Pakistani artists are begging on the streets because people have no value for their talent.

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